Lamar Alexander treats EPA like secret mistress

EPALamar Alexander released a press statement today in a laughable effort to hide his raging love affair with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  The announcement regarding a proposed rule to enforce strict pollution standards on new coal plants read, “The Obama Administration must think our country, which uses 20 to 25 percent of all the electricity in the world, can operate on windmills. For most power plants there is no proven, commercially viable way to capture and store or reuse carbon emissions. This regulation, therefore, will drive up prices and drive down job growth. It is one more big, wet blanket on the American economy.”

What makes this statement so incredible is that it was just a year ago when Lamar Alexander was the head cheerleader of the EPA and their UtilityMACT rule, which has called “the most expensive regulation for coal plants ever.”   As the devastating impact of UtilityMACT became clearer, causing utility rates to rise, putting some coal companies out of business, and costing hundreds of thousands of jobs, Lamar Alexander continued to defend his support of the EPA and UtilityMACT:  He has repeatedly defended the EPA and even opposed efforts by Republicans to rein in the agency as it has intentionally and explicitly defied Congress and made its own new laws.

Looks like it is Lamar Alexander and his favorite environmental agency  that are the wet blanket on the economy and think the country can operate on windmills.

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